Beatties Traditional Fish and Chips

Looking at Beatties from the Shankill. Beatties has been open since 1962 and is a mainstay on the Shankill.

Inside of Beatties Traditional Fish and Chips

Place:  Beatties Traditional Fish and Chips

Location:  220 Shankill Road

Type of Establishment:  Fish and Chips Restaurant

Founded by the Beatties in 1962, this classic Fish-n-Chips shop not only serves the UK’s staple food, but is also a staple to its community. Beatties’ owner puts it best, “Beatties is the heartbeat of the commercial area, popular from infants to pensioners.” Establish, owned, and operated as a family business, Beatties aims to maintain a friendly, consistent atmosphere and to provide customers with the highest quality food. Using the best fresh ingredients available with no artificial additives or enhancers, Beatties offers a healthier “fast-food” option, which brings customers consistently back for another delicious meal. For those who don’t fancy fish, Beatties’ menu is complete with chicken, burgers, Ulster Fry, and much more.

The atmosphere matches the food’s superior quality. Each customer is treated as family, a trait that many shops lost in modern times. Between the hospitality and décor, this little shop certainly has character. Anyone who enters will back for more. As of September 2011, customers can have their fill of Beatties on Sundays. As part of its 50th anniversary preparations, this wee shop will serve traditional Sunday roasts, yet another reason to drop in for some grub.

Here is the owner, Alan _______ discussing Beatties’ importance on the Shankill:



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