The Shankill Band Shop

The Shankill Band Shop

The Shankill Band Shop

Inside the Band Shop

Inside the Band Shop

Place:  Shankill Band Shop

Location:  224 Shankill Road

Type of Establishment:  Shop


Previously the Shankill Historical Society, the Shankill Band Shop is geared towards tourists and flute

band enthusiasts.  Bands play an important role in the Shankill, and this is the place to go for everything band related.  Filled with everything from flute band C.D.s to flags, t-shirts to photographs, this store provides a flavor of local culture.

The Band Shop evolved out of the Shankill Historical Society, which was originally designed to give people a look into the cultural and historical background of the area.  However, it has recently been remodeled to better suit the needs of tourists and visitors, as well as locals.

Shankill Band shop cane side

To get a real sense of the community’s previous and current culture, stop by the Shankill Band Shop and have a look around.

Shankill Band shop front vignette

Listen to Paul talk about the shop:




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