Ulster Rangers Supporters Club

Looking at the Ulster Rangers Supporters Club from the Shankill. Glasgow Rangers football club has a very strong following in the Shankill.Inside of the Rangers Club, showing some of the history of the Shankill.

Place:  Ulster Rangers Supporters Club

Location:  327 Shankill Road

Type of Establishment:  Pub

Open in 1975, the Ulster Rangers Club has long been a place for fans to share in their love for football. Though it was originally opened on Asmore St., the club moved to its current location on the Shankill thirteen years ago.  In addition to being a good place to catch a game, the Rangers Club is home to a lot of Shankill Road history. With countless pictures depicting important events or people, such as infamous boxers from the road, the club’s walls scream of Shankill culture. Some examples include a photograph of Olympic boxing champion Wayne McCullough and a handcrafted UVF badge, which was manufactured in the Maze/Long Kesh prison. The club is open to tourists to come in and snag a look at the community’s history and grab a bite to eat with a refreshing pint.

Upstairs, the bar has a very large multi-purpose area, which can be used for functions, and even more notably, as a boxing ring.  The Rangers Bar is known for holding large boxing events as fundraisers for the community. In the past, the Rangers Bar has hosted a fair amount of cross-community boxing. It also hosts local pool and snooker competitions, which attract teams from all over the city. The club also sponsors the first all-ladies’ flute band and offers them a great practice space. In addition, the club supports local youth football teams, financing an coaching the kids to victory. Don’t be intimidated by its ornate iron gates, the Rangers Club is rich with history, making it a perfect place to learn and relax.

Listen to Jackie Hewitt talk about the Rangers Club:






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